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NEW VIDEO Navigating The
College Culture:

First in a series of compelling documentary style videos that highlight the risks associated with, but not exclusive to, the college "hook up culture." Navigating The College Culture, commissioned by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, is an important video that provides students & educators with up to date information on the critical issues of Sexual Assault, Legal Consent, and Bystander Intervention. Diverse interviews with students include male and female survivors, heterosexual and LGBT communities, plus randomly selected focus groups. Expert interviews include Dr. David Lisak, Associate Professor of Psychology at UMass Boston specializing in interpersonal violence, Brett A. Sokolow, Esq., Founder & President of National Center for Higher Education Risk Management (NCHERM), and Dr. Jackson Katz, Founder & Director of Mentors in Violence Prevention Strategies.


Oct. 12 - Northwestern University

(SHAPE) - Sexual Assault & Peer Educators

McCormick Tribune

Spitting Game:
The College Hook Up Culture

Wed. Oct.12
7:30 PM

Oct. 23 - SCOPE Annual Conference 2011

School and College Organization for Prevention Educators

Orlando World Center Marriott

Generation Hookup
Bystander Prevention Track

1:30 - 2:45 PM

Nov. 13 - Nat'l Women's Studies Conference

Feminist Transformations

Sheraton Hotel Atlanta
Spitting Game & Generation Hook Up

Bldg/Room: Level 1 / Georgia 5 - AV

Sun. Nov.13
10:50 - 12:50 PM


College Hook-up culture dvd


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The campus hook up culture usually elicits bemusement or shock, but rarely is it well understood. Denice Evans's thoughtful film gets inside the hook up culture, reveals its gender politics, and thus enables us to finally start asking the right questions about the sort of sexual ethics we need to be developing.

Michael Kimmel
Professor of Sociology, SUNY Stony Brook

Author of Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men

“ We are in the midst of long struggle to clear away the myths that obscure the reality of sexual violence in America. In that struggle, Spitting Game: The College Hook-up Culture is a powerful force that opens a window onto a reality that too few of us want to face. ”

David Lisak, PhD
Associate Professor, U. of Massachusetts Boston

“ This important documentary showcases the choices college bound teens are faced with. Drinking and casual hook ups are the harsh reality for overloaded teens that have not been given the tools to manage stress and value themselves. This film supports the Stress Free Kids message of empowering your children before you send them out to the world and creates a space for much needed conversation between parents and their young adults. ”

Lori Lite
Founder of Stress Free Kids

“ Hooking up on campuses has eclipsed notions of traditional dating and courtship in ways that have had serious impact on the state of relationships. This eye-opening student driven documentary provides the space for important dialogues to emerge surrounding sexuality, sexual health, gender roles, peer pressure, and self-esteem. Spitting Game: The College Hook Up Culture is the perfect teaching and training tool. A must see for any mental health professionals who work with young adults. ”

Janie Lacy, M.S.
Mental Health Professional

Orlando, Florida

Spitting Game is a provocative conversation starter on sexuality, gender roles, expectations, the male role in the hook up culture, and issues surrounding consent. The interplay between student interviews and notable personalities in the sexual assault and gender related fields is excellent. The film provides in-depth coverage on subjects that touch nearly every college health education issue and speak volumes about the student's social experiences. ”

Elaine D. Theodore, Ed.M
Sexual Violence Resource Coordinator

Tufts University

“ Through interviews with students and professionals, Denice Ann Evans sheds important light on disturbing, even dangerous, trends in youth culture. As a college educator and parent, I am grateful for her informative and insightful work. ”

Robert A. Pyne, Th.D.
Director of the Peace and Justice Center

St. Norbert College, Minn.

Spitting Game: The College Hook Up is highly informative and does an incredible job of honestly addressing the issues that surround the "thriving" hook up culture on high school and college campuses. It engages high school students and hits them in the gut with current statistics and revealing interviews directly from the mouths of college students. Not only does this film expose the motives and methods of the college hook up scene, but it speaks frankly about the risks and repercussions involved.  Every high school should have this film as part of their curriculum for transitioning seniors to college. Spitting Game goes a long way in providing preventive education that will hopefully help guide the decisions of future college students. ”

Heidi Lloyd
High School Counselor

Wesleyan School

“ I viewed your film last year at the National Men's Conference on Gender-Based Violence held at St. John's University in Minnesota. I felt your film was absolutely riveting!  I can definitely say that I learned a lot in viewing your film. The Family Violence Prevention Fund is currently working on a number of projects to address dating violence and sexual assault on the college campus. We look forward to adding your film to our resource base. We will use it to inform our work here at the Fund and to share with colleagues and potential funders of our campus work. Thank you so much for the incredible work you are doing to raise awareness about these issues.  ”

Jeanine C. Hays, J.D.
Program and Policy Associate

Family Violence Prevention Fund

“ I just wanted to let you know that I was extremely pleased with the response from my college students to Spitting Game: The College Hook Up Culture. It was great for discussion and the statistics were very impactful and meaningful to the students. Two of my students were inspired to begin a "Party Girls Talk" discussion/support group after the class ended. I will give you more feedback when I see how their discussions went. You are doing such important work. I can't wait to see the full feature!  ”

Rachelle Smith, MSW, Adjunct Faculty 
Consultant, Educator, Mentor

AlohaSmith Wellness Consulting